• The Beginnings

    Although the Leith Club was officially registered and affiliated with the NZAAA on March 9th, 1925, its beginnings were two years before this.  Several lads of the Woodhaugh-Leith Valley district got together, after having already played football or hockey, and went for a run.  Some members of a Boys Club organised by the local Anglican Vicar, and, such was their enthusiasm, and so quickly did the idea gain favour with their friends, that the following year (1924) they formed the Daisy Athletic Club.

    The following is a quote from Leith's Tenth Anniversary Booklet about the Daisy Club:

    • "Although 1925 was the official year of the "Leith" Club, its history goes back further than that.  Back in the good old days when it was easy to tell one car from another, the Rev. S. Weymouth, vicar of Holy Innocents, Leith Valley, formed a Boys Club from among members of his parish.  These youths ignored the possible ridicule of those self-styled humorists who think it is a great joke to see men sporting themselves in short pants, took to cross country running, often accompanied by the Reverent gentleman himself.  The sport was novel to them.  They liked it.  The idea caught on.  Enthusiasm was aroused and before longthe athletics side of the Boys Club became all-important.  The name Daisy Athletic Club was adopted, and under the leadership of Freddy Canter, the members set out to make a name for themselves:

    From this small beginning, over the years the Leith Club has gained a prominent position in Otago as a Track and Field Club as well as a Harrier Club.  Our members have performed with distinction on athletic arenas, across country, and on the the road, throughout New Zealand, while a few have gained the coveted honour of representing their country.

    The sportsmanship and comradeship of those early days is just as important in our club today.  We trust that the future of the Leith Club will be just as successful, competively and sociably, as it has been in the past.