The 3rd Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10 km takes place 6pm Thursday 22 August 2019

Results for Sunday 28 July 2019 are here.

Any problems with results, email

The bib numbers for registered runners are here.

Please register online here for the Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10km (not if you are on the above list: once only per lifetime).

If you turn up on the day without registering, we can register you and allocate you a number (but please be early).

After the success of the inaugural event held at 6pm on Thurs, 20 June 2019 the start of which can be seen in the photo above with 59 athletes lining up in the dark for the run along the west harbour recreation trail to St. Leonards and back, we held the second Leith Harbour Free run which started at 10am on Sunday, 28 July 2019.  To read what some of the 47 participants said about their experiences on the run check our Leith Harbour Free Reports

All Welcome.

Results for Sunday 28 July 2019 are here.
Results for Thursday 20 June 2019 are here.

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Start/Finish -  cnr Neptune/Magnet Streets, Surf Club building/Lamp Post/Walkway sign
Toilet across the way, and lots of parking  

You can run any distance (there should be km markers - and 2.5k for a 5k turnaround), but only the 5km and 10k times will be recorded